Celebration Cheeses has a few additional items available to add to your cheese cake. Upgrade the look of your tower with our selection of hire stands, or go for some tasty add-ons. Just let us know how to make your package perfect.

Fruit, Nuts & Crackers

Add colour and texture to your display with a delicious fruit selection. Grapes, figs and physalis make an attractive accompaniment, or choose your favourite seasonal berries. 

If you love nuts, make walnuts pecans or almonds part of your bundle.

Finally, order your crackers, biscuits and straws for some crunch.

Just tell us your requirements and we'll price up a package.

Cartwright & Butler Condiments

Celebration Cheeses is proud to carry a beautiful selection of chutneys by this luxury brand. 

Our current selection of condiments includes:-
Fig Chutney 250g
Yorkshire Chutney 250g
Caramelised Onion Chutney 250g
Red Onion Chutney 280g 
Autumn Fruit 250g
Sweet Apple Chutney 250g
Real Ale Chutney 250g
Tomato & Chilli Chutney 270g
Spicy Tomato Chutney 260g

Label Leaves

These little labels are an attractive addition to your design (created to match your colour scheme) and let your guests know which cheeses you have on your tower.

They can also be used to identify cheeses suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
Also available in heart shape

Take-away Boxes

Nothing should go to waste; invite your guests to take a treat home with them in these handy take-away boxes. 


Name Frames

All of the cheese cakes in our collection are allocated a female name. If you choose to go for a bespoke design you will be invited to personalise your new style by naming her yourself. Name frames are a great way to let your guests know what name you have chosen.


Hire Cake Stands

All of our pre-designed products come with a standard base option (a mirrored plate, a slate board or a rustic tree slice) as part of the package. 

If you wish to upgrade your cake stand to something grander, then please take a look at our collection of stands available for hire.

Silver Mirrored & Jewels - 10" - £20

Gold Mirrored - 10" - £18
Gold Mirrored - 12" - £20
Gold Mirrored - 14" - £22

Silver Mirrored - 14" - £22
Silver Mirrored - 10" - £18

Silver Heart - 13" - £25

Silver hexagon - 18.5" - £30

Your choice of hire stand will be delivered along with your product. An addressed shipping box will be provided in order for you to return the item to Celebration Cheeses post event. All of our hire stands are subject to a deposit, which will be refunded upon the items' return to Celebration Cheeses.

Please note you will be required to cover the costs of return shipping.